Newcastles Original 300c Chrysler Super Stretch
Weddings & Formals


The new twins on the block. In early 2007, Natalie’s Limousines went one step further than the rest and took a leap of faith with the new and exciting Superstretches from
The States. Natalie’s Limousines was the very first to introduce these amazing Limousines to Newcastle. Our Twin Chrysler 300c Limousines have received a welcoming note from all who admire and appreciated its sleek, aggressive lines. They certainly command road presence, with an impressive range of features few limousines will ever match and have set standards for limousines to come.
- Bentley Inspired Chrome mesh Grille
- Seats 10 passengers in the back
- Touch screen controls
- DVD Player and 4 x LCD TV's
- Fibre optic Starlight mirrored ceiling
- Large Limousine Bar
- Disco Light effects (strobes and laser)


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