1934 Dodge


We purchased our 1934 Dodge in 2004, or “Pa” as we call it, it was another one of our ground up restorations. Our 1934 Dodge is still all original with a 6 cylinder side valve motor with a crash box. Nine months after starting restorations Pa went out for its first job to Natalie’s year 12 formal in November 2004. The Dodge is a favourite with brides and grooms for its old- school gangster look from the 1930’s.


1948 MK4 Jaguar -


Our MK4 1948 Jag, better known as Maud, was the fist car that we purchased and was the car that started Natalie’s Limousines. Maud was purchased in Wollongong in 2001 and was an original burgundy colour with cream interior. Our MK4 was a major restoration, we painted it a charcoal over silver and re-did the interior to a grey leather. The stream- line curves of this air-conditioned Jaguar makes it one of our favourites of the Jaguars.


1958 MK8 Jaguar -
Gaetana & Edna


Our MK8 Jags or as we know them, Gaetana and Edna.
Edna was purchased a few months after our MK4 Jaguar, Maud, and has the same colour theme with Charcoal over Silver, plus a new grey interior. Gaetana arrived not long after Edna and was a full ground up restoration. Along with a new paint job Gae also got a new interior and new motor. Together they became our first identical twins.


1958 Star Customlines


The growl of the three V8 Customlines is always a favourite for those who love the sound of a V8 engine. Heads will turn in the presence of our Customlines. Our Charcoal over Silver Customline was a ground up restoration. With 500 horse power at the engine, you can feel the grunt from this awesome and beautifully restored V8. Our twin burgundy over silver Customlines together with the charcoal over silver would make any V8 fan green with envy upon seeing these cars.


Chrysler 300c Superstretch


The new twins on the block. In early 2007, Natalie’s Limousines went one step further than the rest and took a leap of faith with the new and exciting Superstretches from
The States. Natalie’s Limousines was the very first to introduce these amazing Limousines to Newcastle. Our Twin Chrysler 300c Limousines have received a welcoming note from all who admire and appreciated its sleek, aggressive lines. They certainly command road presence, with an impressive range of features few limousines will ever match and have set standards for limousines to come.
- Bentley Inspired Chrome mesh Grille
- Seats 10 passengers in the back
- Touch screen controls
- DVD Player and 4 x LCD TV's
- Fibre optic Starlight mirrored ceiling
- Large Limousine Bar
- Disco Light effects (strobes and laser)


Lamborghini Diablo


This Diablo was purchased in April 2010 and has had quite an impact in Newcastle. This exotic car was one of the last VT’s to be made in 1998, only 900 were ever made in the time between 1990-1998 worldwide, making this a rare and collectible car. The Diablo would make an exciting entrance for any Groom. A ride like no other, that only a few get to experience in the world.


Chrysler 300C Hemi V8


Natalie’s Limousines have welcomed the Chrysler 300c Hemi V8 to the team. This 2011 model is the newest V8 in town and has all the new tricks including tinted windows, strobe lights in the stylish front Bentley grill and new Halo lights under its sleek and stylish body, with 22’ rims and coach lights to match its big sister’s stretches.
This car is perfect teamed up with Newcastle’s original Super Stretches for the larger bridal parties. For the smaller bridal parties, team it with our limited edition Chrysler convertible or even have that old world, new school charm by adding one of our Classics.




We would like you to meet our new Baby of the family, our Chrysler Sebring Convertible. This Limited Edition convertible was the first of its kind in Newcastle and has become a hit with Brides and Grooms who want that something special on their wedding day. With its hard top easily folded into the boot it makes for some amazing and unique photos, and teamed up with our Chrysler Stretch it is an impressive procession to see on the roads. An ideal combination for the larger bridal parties.



info coming soon


Aston Martin


info coming soon


Bell Jetranger Helicopter


Natalie’s Limousines is proud to announce our association with Heliservices, offering all types of Helicopter services and transfers throughout NSW. With many years of experience flying dignitaries, corporate leaders, government bodies, general public and bridal parties, Heliservices is Newcastle’s leading helicopter service. Skilled staff include Chief Pilot Steve Bazic, with 30 years aviation experience and professional commercial pilots with extensive experience and skill. We guarantee your helicopter experience will be of a standard second to none.
Make a grand entrance to your Newcastle or Hunter Valley wedding with a Helicopter from Heliservices.