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1934 Dodge


We purchased our 1934 Dodge in 2004, or “Pa” as we call it, it was another one of our ground up restorations. Our 1934 Dodge is still all original with a 6 cylinder side valve motor with a crash box. Nine months after starting restorations Pa went out for its first job to Natalie’s year 12 formal in November 2004. The Dodge is a favourite with brides and grooms for its old- school gangster look from the 1930’s.


1948 MK4 Jaguar -


Our MK4 1948 Jag, better known as Maud, was the fist car that we purchased and was the car that started Natalie’s Limousines. Maud was purchased in Wollongong in 2001 and was an original burgundy colour with cream interior. Our MK4 was a major restoration, we painted it a charcoal over silver and re-did the interior to a grey leather. The stream- line curves of this air-conditioned Jaguar makes it one of our favourites of the Jaguars.


1958 MK8 Jaguar -
Gaetana & Edna


Our MK8 Jags or as we know them, Gaetana and Edna.
Edna was purchased a few months after our MK4 Jaguar, Maud, and has the same colour theme with Charcoal over Silver, plus a new grey interior. Gaetana arrived not long after Edna and was a full ground up restoration. Along with a new paint job Gae also got a new interior and new motor. Together they became our first identical twins.


1958 Star Customlines


The growl of the three V8 Customlines is always a favourite for those who love the sound of a V8 engine. Heads will turn in the presence of our Customlines. Our Charcoal over Silver Customline was a ground up restoration. With 500 horse power at the engine, you can feel the grunt from this awesome and beautifully restored V8. Our twin burgundy over silver Customlines together with the charcoal over silver would make any V8 fan green with envy upon seeing these cars.